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Terms & Conditions is an Australian based website and thus refers to the “Terms and Conditions” below. is owned and operated by For Sale For Lease Pty Ltd (“FSFL“).

1. Service charges for the For Sale For Lease advertising packages are as follows:

  1. Residential Sale Upfront: $299 listing fee + $99 monthly recurring fee
  2. Residential Sale Until Sold: $695 listing fee until sold or withdrawn
  3. Residential Lease Only: $200 once-off payment
  4. Residential Lease and Management: $550 annual recurring fee
  5. Commercial Sale Upfront: $295 listing fee + $99 monthly recurring fee
  6. Commercial Sale Until Sold: $795 listing fee until sold or withdrawn
  7. Commercial Lease Upfront: $295 listing fee + $99 monthly recurring fee
  8. Commercial Lease Until Leased: $795 listing fee until leased or withdrawn
  9. Business Sale Upfront: $350 quarterly recurring fee
  10. Business Sale Until Sold: $700 listing fee until sold or withdrawn

Please refer to our third party websites page for our full list of websites that our listings are exported to.

All charges are in Australian Dollars and inclusive of GST.

The listing fee is charged once and includes all administration charges in creating the property profile for you, including creating online advertising campaigns. Reactivation of old listings incurs a brand new listing fee and monthly fee if reactivation occurs after 3 months since the old listing was withdrawn. Otherwise a single $100 administration fee applies and the monthly recurring fee will be reinstated on the day of reactivation (if applicable).

The monthly/quarterly/annual recurring fee is not paid in advance for the whole month/quarter/year and is referenced as the ‘billing cycle’. The billing cycle runs from the date your advertisement is published on the Internet and falls due on that same date for each following month/quarter/year.

The monthly/quarterly/annual recurring fee is direct debited automatically until the client cancels the service. There are no pro rata payments for the monthly/quarterly/annual fee. Failure to pay the recurring monthly/quarterly/annual fees will result in your property listing being withdrawn.

2. There is no minimum term with any of our Residential or Commercial packages. The property is listed by For Sale For Lease until it is sold/leased by you and we are instructed by you to remove the listing. All requests to remove a listing must be in writing to [email protected] or by visiting this page:

3. For Sale For Lease will provide you with your own username and password (UNPW) to access your client profile so you can make amendments to your listings as required. Changes can include: price changes, update of an open for inspection times, amendment to a property description and upload of additional photos.

Under no circumstances are you to disclose your UNPW to anyone. If you believe that your UNPW has been breached, you must notify For Sale For Lease immediately.

Any amended details must be verified by For Sale For Lease before they are uploaded onto the advertising system (Agentpoint). Once in Agentpoint, there may be further time required to upload the details to the internet. This may take up to one business day.

4. Under no circumstances are you to enter your contact details including contact name, contact number, email address etc. on the listing. All property enquiries are directed to For Sale For Lease and we forward them to our clients. We provide all other services as a part of the For Sale For Lease process.

5. For Sale For Lease complies with the Acceptable Use Policy of the REA-Group (REA – the owner of All listings listed with For Sale For Lease must comply with this policy. For the Quick Reference Guide to the Acceptable Use Policy, please click here or for the full version of the policy, please click here. Any listings that fail to meet these guidelines will be removed and accounts with multiple breaches may be subject to suspension or complete termination.

REA only allows licensed real estate agent listings to be advertised on their website – they do not allow private listings as it is inconsistent with their policy. It is also a requirement from REA that vendors need to provide a General Sale Authority form or General Sale Authority with For Sale For Lease that complies with State regulations.

6. You must notify us of a direct debit/credit card cancellation as soon as the property is sold/leased or you decide to withdraw the listing.

We require a minimum of 48 business hours’ notice to remove the direct debit/credit card payment. This is called the ‘notice period’. If the notice period falls within the last two business days of the current billing cycle, you will be charged monthly/quarterly/annual fee.

7. Properties can only be listed if we receive the following information:

  1. Property description In Accordance With (IAW) REA’s AUP
  2. A minimum of one photograph IAW REA’s AUP
  3. Credit card information to facilitate the listing fee and recurring fees (if applicable)
  4. Your agreement to our terms and conditions
  5. Completed and signed General Sale Authority form for all properties/businesses for sale

By agreeing to list your property on For Sale For Lease, you agree to these terms and conditions.

8. For Sale For Lease are required to have referred to your local full service Real Estate agent that successfully sells your property. Upon the successful sale of the property by the selected Real Estate agents, For Sale For Lease will refund your upfront payments in full, minus any recurring subscription fees or payments.

The For Sale For Lease money back guarantee is only offered if we are able to refer you through to an agent who successfully sells your property.

9. Terms of website use:

  1. The user warrants that all information supplied by you, as relates to the property, is true and accurate.
  2. Unauthorised use of this site is prohibited.
  3. Any person/legal entity who/which uses this site without proper and lawful authority agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified For Sale For Lease against all and any liability, loss and damage of whatsoever kind caused by such improper and unlawful use.
  4. In accessing information on this website all users release For Sale For Lease, to the extent permitted by law, from claims regarding usage of data or information available on the website. For Sale For Lease will not be accountable for incidental or consequential damages ensuing from use of the data or information.
  5. For Sale For Lease does not warrant that the website or any of its content will be available on a secure, virus free, continuous or uninterrupted basis. For Sale For Lease is not liable for any damage or loss suffered by users as a result of their inability or the inability of other users to access any of the content on the website.

10. Information on this website is supplied in large part by third parties. While For Sale For Lease attempts to supply a quality service and publishes information in good faith For Sale For Lease provides no guarantees, undertakings or warranties regarding the correctness, comprehensiveness or up-to-dateness of information, or its fitness for any user pays purpose.  Users are advised to confirm information at their discretion.

Information changed post-publication can alter information accuracy, and For Sale For Lease does not assure the information accuracy or guidance therein contained websites linked to from this website are not controlled by For Sale For Lease – users must decide for themselves the correctness, comprehensiveness, trustworthiness and up-to-dateness of information therein contained.

11. For Sale For Lease is reliant on other third party sites (partner sites) which For Sale For Lease subscribes to and pays fee’s to access. These partner sites can change without notice depending on price, availability and ability of these sites to attract visitors and is made solely at the discretion of For Sale For Lease. For Sale For Lease can not guarantee the continuity of these relationships or client listings on these websites. You indemnify For Sale For Lease from any actions on your behalf should For Sale For Lease be unable to provide access to any of its partner sites at any stage.

For Sale For Lease is not responsible for listings, information or any other listing data that may be published on other third-party websites (not included as a part of our service) such as, and alike. These websites are aggregator or historical data websites that scrape information from Real Estate portals such as to provide their users with comparable sales data and other information. If you wish to have your property removed from these third-party websites, you must contact the website directly and ask them to have it removed.

12. For Sale For Lease reserves the right to charge an additional $100 administration fee per request for more than 1 hour of support per week. The Listing fees advertised on the Website include all administration charges in creating a property profile for you, including creating online advertising campaigns.

As For Sale For Lease is offering non-tangible irrevocable good, we do not issue refunds once the property details have been received, profile have been created and the advertising have been drafted. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our site. Refund will not be processed if you simply changed your mind about the product. Please note that our upgrade packages are offer. Please refer to the Third Party websites page for more information.

13. You can put your listing on hold for up to three months. If you signed up with any of our packages with recurring fees, you will not be charged any monthly/quarterly/annual fees within this period. Your listing will remain withdrawn until you notify us to reactivate it. At that point a $100 administration charge will apply and your recurring fee will be reinstated (if applicable). If your listing is inactive for more than three months, a brand new listing fee will apply.

14. Any breech of the above terms and conditions by a vendor will result in the their property being removed from the For Sale For Lease service.