Congratulations! You’re officially THIS close to selling your home. After all the necessary renovation, inspection and valuation, it’s time to get your property listed.


There are a lot of ways you can get your house out there — word of mouth, web listing, classified ads and social media. It sounds easy enough: Take photos, describe your property and post it in all available platforms. However, there are other steps you need to take and factors to consider for you to efficiently sell your house, fast.

Don’t know where to start? We’re right here to guide you.


Research is what will set you apart from all the other home sellers. You have to remember that you’re putting yourself out there without an agent or broker. The best step forward is to make up for your lack of experience with a wealth of knowledge.

Keeping an eye out on your competition by browsing through various real estate websites can give you the edge. See how your property measures up with others; what your strengths and weaknesses could be and work from there.

Here’s a tip: A lot of real estate websites are filtered by price bands. Keep yours at a good round hundred as much as possible. Try to avoid listing your property at, for example, $699 because your price band will only show between $600-$700. However if you put yours at $700, you also cover the $700-$800 price band, doubling your chances of being found in the search results.


A plethora of buyers await you, wherever you choose to list your property. There are the young professionals, retirees, working class, families, couples and more. The key here is to know your market, whoever it is that will find your property attractive.

Highlight the essentials to gain your market’s audience. Is your property near a park and school? That can be a selling point for families. Are there malls, pubs and restaurants nearby? This could be great for the younger market. Is it a safe, quiet neighborhood away from the roads and bustling city vibe? The older market may find this appealing.

The important thing here is to know what your property’s selling points are. This is one of the best ways you can make an exceptional ad that’ll be nothing short of eye catching. Otherwise, your ad will just look like everyone else’s.


It’s true: A picture paints a thousand words. If you want yours to produce a thousand words of praises, compliments and ultimately, a check, then be very mindful about the photos of your property.

Before you start snapping photos, take a look around. Is your home de-personalized and properly staged? Is your driveway and garden ready for their close up? Is everything spick, span and picture-perfect? If your answer is yes to all three questions, then now’s the right time to shoot.

If you can afford to hire a photographer or have your friend do it for you, then go ahead and invest a considerate sum for a small favor. If you want to do this on your own, there are very simple things you need to keep in mind. Consider the lighting. Your probable buyers want to see something bright and welcoming, not some murky photos in the dark. Also, try to use a decent smartphone or a point-and-shoot camera just to make your photos look crisper and clearer.

When it comes to choosing a lead photo for your ad, experts have weighed in on the kitchen. Make sure yours look great because it will increase the number of clicks on your ad. Oh and remember: Ensure there aren’t any sightings of wear and damage. You wouldn’t want your potential buyers to be turned off.


Now it’s time to make your actual listing. A common mistake among sellers is the use of ‘text speak’ and abbreviations. For example: “3-bedroom, 3 baths, furnished, 2 AC’s, 10 minutes from school, Available Oct 5”. It sounds flat out boring and impersonal right?

Here’s something better: “You’ll love this charming, fully furnished 3-bedroom, 3-bath home in the quiet neighborhood of Balmoral. The school is a 10-minute walk away and the surroundings are ideal for commuting. Available from October 5.”

The idea is to have a listing that wisely summarizes your property’s selling points. Once your ad is clicked, you can give a deeper, more detailed rundown on what else is there to look forward to. Other features like extra storage space, community pool, satellite fitted, gated village with 24/7 security, recently refurbished and the like. Don’t be afraid to put a little gimmick and charm into your ad listing. It’s one way to connect with potential buyers and spark their interest.


There are tons of web listings online. Find the most reputable and trusted websites to get your property listed.

Next, make use of your social media platforms to advertise your property. This is a great way to directly connect with your inner circles and perhaps even have them share your post to their own circles. Make your post available for public viewing and use hashtags while you’re at it. This increases your chances of being found by prospective buyers.

Go ahead and hype your property through word of mouth as well. Sure, digital postings make a ton of difference. However, don’t neglect the age-old method of telling everyone about it. It still gets the message across.

If you want to sell your property the easiest and fastest way possible, be guided by our tips above. It’s not enough to upload your ad and let it do the work for you. It must be well thought out and well-executed. Good luck!


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