Is your house dark and dingy even when all the lights are on? It may affect your selling potential by sending buyers away once they feel the smallness a poorly lit house brings. Give your home a bright future sale by making your house lighter and more spacious with these illuminating house hacks.


The most effective step to lighten a drab home is a new coat of paint. This seems common sense but it’s effectiveness cannot be overlooked. A room can transform into something starkly different from what it used to look. Use brilliant and clear colours, and limit yourself from using soft colours like pastel. You want to go for bright, not bland. Remember to clean the walls first and have any cracks fixed. This will make your painting efforts worth it.

Safety tip: Always have adequate room ventilation when painting. Two open windows are usually recommended. If you’re working in a windowless room, have a reliable industrial fan blow away the paint fumes.


Again, another no brainer. A little bit of dusting, scrubbing, polishing and vacuuming can go a long way in spiffing up your house. Plus, it’s extremely satisfying to see how much dirt and dust you’re cleaning from a surface, like an eraser wiping a chalkboard.


Aside from cleaning and painting, another thing you can do is changing up your furniture and linen colours. Match your newly painted room with light hues and a few touches of colourful tints for contrast. Fix dark floorings with a lightly coloured rug. You’ll be surprised how a little colour change can lighten a whole room.


Small or dark rooms can benefit from the reflective properties of mirrors. Not only do they bounce light around, they can also magically create (fake) space! Nifty right? Staying on topic, the logical and practical positioning of mirrors is in front of doors or windows where they can receive natural light. However, Feng shui teaches us that should not be placed in front of openings, as it can repel good luck. But Feng shui or not, you can be sure to benefit from mirrors.


As much as possible, keep tall items and furniture away from windows. Place furniture and large items opposite windows to let as much natural light in as possible. This does not only apply to windows, but also to artificial sources of light, like light bulbs and chandeliers. If something is blocking the light, remove it! Light is energy and energy livens up a house.


Exchange your yellowed bulbs with bright ones. We recommend white LED bulbs to throw some light on your already fabulous room. They’re not only brighter, they are also more energy efficient.


Last, and certainly not the least, are plants. They are truly wonderful creations as they add colour, texture, and life into a room. If that’s not enough to convince you to buy some house plants, they also double as natural air purifiers. They’ll give a new meaning to “breathing life into a room”.

A luminous house can surely give way to a successful sale by giving your house viewers something bright to look forward to when they decide to buy your house—in person or in photographs.

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