When it comes to re-selling a house, majority of homeowners go after big, expensive remodeling right away. This grand gesture works overtime. However, there are simpler, more practical ways of boosting property value without burning a hole in the pocket.

Sometimes, all it takes are a few repairs and cleaning tweaks to get a prospective buyer to sign a check. If you’re about to put up your very own place on the market, here are some sensible tips to keep in mind.


Major systems include electrical, plumbing, heating and sewer, among others. This is among the first things impending buyers look at once they step inside a property.

Revisit these areas of the house and you’ll be surprised as to how much repair work might be needed to make it function like new. Take the time to go around your house and see which systems need fixing and get only certified experts to do the work for you.


Buyers take into account a home’s roof as a critical criterion in making their decision, as it provides the first layer of protection against man-made and natural disasters.

A roof above your head is useless is if it’s suffering from broken shingles, worn out gutters and detached flashings. Contact a roofing contractor to conduct a thorough inspection. You’d be happy you invested on it.


Does your home come with broken doors, damaged screens, unkempt lawns and cracked up front walk? Then it’s high time to get your exterior fixed.

These are minimal, cost-effective outdoor repairs that increase the value of your home, as they make it good as new. Speaking of outdoors..


There are different, less expensive ways of improving your home’s curb appeal. You don’t need to go all out by changing the entire façade or adding new decks. As simple as replacing your front door, garage door and windows could go a long way.

These elements are the first thing potential buyers see as soon as they pull over upfront. Ensure that your curb appeal is nothing short of bright, warm and welcoming.


Many home sellers become too focused on the big things that they neglect the small details that matter.

Tiny damages such as holes, cracks, dents, leaks and creaking floors are all very noticeable to potential buyers. Inspect your home carefully and fix these as soon as possible. A gorgeous, jaw-dropping kitchen is nothing when buyers see there’s a leak in the faucet or a crack on the ceiling.


Now that you’re done with repairs and fixes, it’s time to make your home open house-ready.

Clean the entirety of your property before putting it up for everyone to see. Ensure every corner and fixture is wiped clean, the grass neatly trimmed, the floor shiny and smooth and the walls free of dust. This is crucial in not only adding value but also appeal to your house.

When reselling your house, remember that it should feel like home the moment a buyer walks in. Keep these simple, value-boosting tips in mind and you’ll be making the best investment of your life.

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