Lots of people are scared about getting older. It’s not necessarily anything to do with health, although that is obviously a little worrying. It’s more to do with the fact that as soon as you stop working all the money starts to get very tight. You depend on your social security or any pension plan you have and that’s not exactly enough to get you too excited. People are living longer these days than ever before and you have as good a chance as anyone of living to a ripe old age. Something needs to be done.

Lots of people decide they can’t live at home because their life will be sub-standard. Without a decent amount of money coming in you can’t expect to enjoy your latter years. You’ve been working hard your whole life and you deserve more. That’s why you find more people than ever heading off into the world and finding cheaper places to live the life they deserve. One of the places gaining popularity is Southeast Asia. Let’s look at places you could easily buy property and live off your social security or pension while having a life worth writing about.


Thailand is definitely the most popular country in Southeast Asia and if you want to be surrounded by thousands of other retirees then it’s probably your best bet. The cheapest place has to be Chiang Mai, which is in the north of the country. You could probably live there on well under $1000 per month and have a lifestyle that matches the one you have at the moment. You wouldn’t be able to go crazy on that amount, but you could definitely live there comfortably.


The war is long over and the country has completely changed. It’s now visited by many Americans per year and a small proportion of them call it home. The cities are great places to stay and have a lovely café culture going on. If you enjoy your coffee then you won’t mind joining all your friends as you sit about each day living life to the fullest. The food is delicious and some say as good as Thailand.


Everyone is loving Malaysia at the moment, probably because they make it easy to buy a home for any foreigner and the country has some positives than no other can match. It’s the most western country on the list and it has everything you could possible want as a retiree: good infrastructure, amazing healthcare, and some lovely paradise islands to visit on the weekend.


The majority of retirees live in Bali, and once you see it you will definitely know why. It’s the most popular place in the country with everyone, even the locals, because it’s so beautiful. It’s like a little beach resort that you could spend all your life in. There’s every possible thing you wish was there, plus it doesn’t feel like it’s been overrun by western society. If tropical islands are your thing then Bali is your number one choice.


Philippines and the US has some history so there is a lot of people live there. The country is made up of thousands of islands and some of the beaches have never been touched by man. If you love exploration and adventure of the highest quality, then this could be your place. It’s so cheap that you could travel all the time and still have your home base in one of the big cities that will cater to all your needs. Everyone speaks English here which is a massive help. One of these countries is definitely the place of your dreams.

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